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AJC Rabbitry

Breeding, Raising, & Adoption of the Sweetest Holland Lops

Our Small Family Rabbitry

We are a very small family rabbitry registered with ARBA and ran by our boys. They started with their first holland lop in 2015 with 4H in Livermore, CA. We all fell in love with them and started breeding shortly after. We have all learned so much through 4H and continue to learn more. The boys take care of them, breed them, raise them, and adopt them out for a fee that goes back into their rabbitry and 4H spring projects. We have a big household of boys and animals. Our cute litters are handled daily and are toddler & dog approved. 


Our Rabbits


Smores, Female

Broken Blue Tort


Pickles, Doe


IMG_8069 (1).JPG

Blue, Buck

We are a very small rabbitry. We only have 2 females and 1 male that we breed because we obly breed 3 times a year. They have a wide range of colors in their lineage that makes it fun to see what kits they will have. Each of our baby bunnies can be adopted for a $80 - $100 fee and go home with a pedigree, small bag of Bar & Ale feed, and care sheets. Rabbits are easy to care for, but they are still a big responsibility and we want them to go to good homes. Going to a new home can be stressful so we do not let them leave before 9wks old. Rabbits can get sick and hurt themselves easily. They can not go to any normal vet, only a rabbit vet will see them, if they need one. We have a Livermore vet on the care sheet if you are local. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Available Litters

Please see our Instagram for the most updated information. 


Or you can email us directly.


Important Information:
- All adoption sales are conducted in accordance with AJC Rabbitry Adoption Sales Policy, regardless of whether the buyer has read it or not. By inquiring about or purchasing a rabbit from AJC Rabbitry, you are agreeing to comply with this Sales Policy in its entirety.
- All rabbits are pet quality rabbits. If you are looking for a 4H or show rabbit, it is the responsibility of the buyer to know what are acceptable show standards, and look over the rabbit when adopting.

- All rabbits are guaranteed to be healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale. Once the rabbit leaves our care, we unfortunately cannot make health guarantees. This is because rabbits are unpredictable, sensitive animals by nature. We are not responsible for how the new owner chooses to take care of the rabbit, or any mistakes the buyer makes in the care, handling, and health of the animal.

- We cannot guarantee show placings, weight, fertility, or how well a rabbit will produce. 

- Our baby bunnies are around dogs, cats, and toddlers since the day they are born, they normally have very sweet temperaments, but temperament can not be guaranteed.
- We do not have a waiting list for future litters. If you are interested in a rabbit let us know, I can take down you're information and feel free to check in for updates.

- We do NOT ship/transport rabbits

- We do not rehome/adopt rabbits that are less than 9wks old
- We reserve the right to terminate any adoption for the safety of the bunnies.

​- A 3 page care sheet will be given to anyone inquiring an adoption. The rabbit must be given appropriate housing, nutrition, medical treatment, and humane handling for the entire duration of their life. We strongly advise AGAINST free-roaming. Rabbits are sensitive animals and should not be left to roam free. 
- Rabbits should not be housed outdoors or left outdoors unsupervised. 
- Young children should always be supervised when interacting with the rabbit.

Adoption Prices & Payment:
- Prices usually range from $80 - 100. This is not a business for us, this is our sons' 4H rabbitry that helps them save money and pay for other 4H projects. Prices are subject to change.

- We accept cash or Venmo. Deposits are not needed and we just ask that you let us know asap if you decide not to adopt the rabbit.

- We do not give refunds, replacements, or exchanges.
- We are not responsible for any veterinary fees incurred at any point during the life of the animal.

- RHD is a serious disease that has been detected in California. The disease has no risk to humans. Signs of the disease can be poor appetite, difficulty breathing, blood from the nose and sudden death. It can be transmitted by other infected animals, feeders, cages, carriers. There is a vaccine available that you can ask your veterinarian about. 

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